Monday, October 3, 2011

I am seeing S again

 I am seeing S again
 Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with monograms specifically letter S the first letter 
of my last name. There something about bring a theme of monograms to our very small house that make it very classy and cohesive. So this time I used wooden letter and acrylic paint.  These are things I used:

  1. Wooden letter
  2. Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint
  3. Brushes
  4. Stencils of your choices ( I choose stencils at Michaels)
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Ribbon
  7. Already made butterfly
  It was easy project I just took the sentinels on top of the letter and paint with  the brush. Let it dry. Then turn over the letter and paint Mod Podge on the area where the ribbon will be glued. 
Then put down the ribbon on glued area and put Mod Podge on top of ribbon. Let it dry.
  The butterfly was different project that will discuses in another blog. I just Mod Podge that onto the letter as well. I hope you like it and craft on!

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