Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exciting announcement and new projects

                    Out Of The Box Paper goods

This is so exciting I would like to introduce you to my new paper goods company Out of the Box paper goods. We will be offering a variety of paper goods mostly scrapbook pages and whole customize books for special occasions. I am happy to announce we will be selling our individual pages and the customized pages will be available on my web page coming soon. I will be announcing the grand opening of my site in the next couple weeks. For now you can see my creations right here. I have add page sneak peak with some  scrapbook pages I will be selling.
The individual pages will be priced at reasonable and can be customized as well. I am proud to tell you most of my products do have vintage feel,but I will be offering modern elegant feel for some of my items as well. Please stop by my store and  drop me a line. I will be opening my web page ! 
The customizable books will included a consultation on the look and feel of the book. It will also give me a chance for you to tell me about your personal story behind the book. I will using all items from the event such as invitations, pay stubs,cards, RSVP cards, clothes or even natural items such as sand or leafs. I will have you fill out questionnaire with all your preferences and of course a price quote. This is your book with your memories and I am committed to making this scrapbook a personal expression of your life and I will treat your memories with outmost respect.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make Your own glitter letters and anything is possible

      Make your Own Glitter Letters

The one on the left was purchased and the one on the right I made.

I love scrapbooking ,but have ever noticed how much those letters cost. It is sort of crazy to pay five dollars for three of each letter. They never go one sale either I think it is some sort of conspiracy .So  I thought I would try making my own. I am not going to lie and say it took me twenty minutes but it was really easy and turned out really cute. So here is list of the supplies all can be found at Micheals stores or any other craft store.

  •  good quality glitter ( I used Martha Stewart’s glitter)
  • Mod podge
  • A cheap brush I used this foam brush
  • Pre cut letter ( I used my Circut but any letters will work)
  • Cupcake warpers ( to keep the glitter contained for clean up
  • gloves (optional to keep hands clean) 

I just painted the letter with Mod Podge and sprinkled on the glitter and let them dry. That is it really simple. It was time consuming about an hour. I love the result and was defiantly cheaper then five books a pop.
on personal note my birthday is this next Wednesday and I am feeling a little stressed about it. See I am turning thirty and well I thought I would have some more stuff figure out by now. However, I have realized that maybe it isn’t about that anymore I don’t need to figure out I just need to make it all happen. I have always loved planing,but I have noticed lately I need to through out the plans and do what makes me happy because life is not going according to plan. I have spent most of my life taking care of other people and their families and now it is my turn to take care of me and my family. It is exciting, but I am scared to death at same time I am not good at change. This year is going to be full of surprises and happy moments to come. Anything is possible.

Monday, January 23, 2012

One of my favorite things photo edition

Hi there,
it has been a crazy week and I am just so tried I feel like I have so much to do and I want to split into million diffrent people to achieve it,but since that wont happen. I am just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Anyway let’s talk about something fun. Instagram is one of my favorite Apps on my Iphone it is photo App that makes me smile every time I use it. It has great filters built in and easy to use. I have taken a number of photos with it and the photos are breath taking.  it is really one of my favorite things.  if you haven’t tried it make sure you do and best of all it is free!!! what is not to love. 

Ps. There are also amazing sites that are devoted to develop these photos in variety of fun ways check out this post all on it . Enjoy :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Perfect craft Simple and Cute

               The Perfect craft Simple and Cute

To me the perfect craft is on that is simple and looks amazing. Something people are amazed you made and you proudly say I made that. So recently I found one such great craft. I made a photo wreath. It was so easy and good looking. The best part is ability to change pictures because it has clothespins make it easy . Like said cute and easy.  Here is how. 
I used:
Wooden Embroidery hoop
Wooden clothes pins
Glue gun
Decorative for the cloths pin. I used decorative tape

Then decorate the cloths pins. Glue the cloths pin to the hoop use the pictures as guide for the spacing. Let it dry. Then put pictures on with the cloths pin. Add a ribbon on back for hanging on the wall.  Done easy and Enjoy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Collage

Since I was kid I have enjoyed doing collage. I would take magazines and cut out strange sayings and pictures .I put them together on matting it was cheap way to frame my pictures. I have not done college in years recently the creative juices have been flowing thanks to Pinterst I decide to try some again. It was just as fun as I remember here are some picture of my final projects. The pictures were taken for our engagement about three years ago by amazing photographer Candice Cunningham.
Ps. If you are interested in buying any of my creations I will be selling  them soon so let me know if you are interested in more information about it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You tube series

I am trying something new this year I have stared a series on  you tube on raising children. It is my helpfully hints and techniques I use as nanny.
Come check me out and let me know if want me to talk about anything . Enjoy!