Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year New blog

To all my friends,
I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because I think when we are reedy to change something about ourselves and our lives we don't want to wait for a particular day.  We just start changing yourselves right there and then. Anyway, I do have something I would like to work on this year being myself more and embracing what I am good at and accepting the things I need to work on.
I have been thinking about the future a lot and trying to shift my focus on what I would like to be doing and making them goals. I am not sure if it is New Year or getting a house that make you realize I need to make some important decision. More, importantly to you guys this means so changes on my blog . I am going to be changing the look and feel of my blog. I would love to hear any ideas or opinions from everyone out there on what they would like to see from me. Any crafts you are interesting in seeing or topics you would like to know about let me know. 
So this enters a new chapter for my blog and hopefully my life. 
Thanks for everyone that takes time to stop by to visit me.
 Yours Truly,

Ps. This video has been floating around the web of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( 500 days of Summer fame) of sing are "What you doing New years Eve?"

 I thought I would share it since Zooey and I are imaginer Best friends anyway she wont mind. happy new Year to all have amazing  2012 full of surprise and wonder.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am the mad hatter

      Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Julie. It is sort of crazy since I know her since she was fourteen year old freshman in high school. Now she is getting married and it feels sort of strange because through out the years we have done many memorable things, but nothing prepares you  how it feel to see one of your closet friend trying on weeding dress to see her grow from an awkward fourteen year old I meet so many years ago to now an amazing beautiful women getting ready for wedding. Wow is all I could say.

       After watching her try on lots of wedding dress yesterday I want did my own fashion today with my hats. I am not sure how many people know I have collected vintage hats since high school. It is sort of secret obsession I have had and although I don’t wear them on a normal days I like to occasional put them on and make silly faces. Don’t judge it makes me happy.  I went through all my hats and took picture of each so I know what I have and then made crazy faces and took pictures of myself. So I thought I would share some of my craziness with you.  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Very Crazy Holiday Season

   It has been crazy last two months we bought a condo and ended up moving in three weeks later. Which is sort of unheard of when buying a foreclosure, but we were ready to move into a larger places and we found our dream house. It has a spiral stair case(swoon) and a bay window in the bed room ( swoon) and an amazing kitchen and living room with incredible high ceiling and a great loft.  
As you can imagine I have been unpacking like a crazy person. With holiday season upon us I have been so busy shopping, holiday decorating and getting settled in I have not had time to check in. So here are some crafts I have been working on and creations I have made in my precious spare time.
I made an ornament wreath. Simple foam wreath, glue gun and ornaments. Oh and sense of adventure.
   I also took some pinecones and flocked them my self. Which is not a torture technique just a really easy way to make them look like it had snow on pine cones. I used spray on    adhesive glue, glitter white and sparkling on flocking. All bought at Michaels with 40% off coupons.
    I made wreath from pre-done one at Michaels (thanks to in-laws for bring me them). Cheap ornaments, bells and bow. This is our Christmas card picture this year and the wreath I made was behind us.I love this picture it feels so classic and yet very tongue and check at same time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

ode to fram house

Ode to Fram house

We have been living in a very small ( 500 sq. foot) farm house literally in the middle of strawberry fields. Although it may be odd please to live we loved the quirkiness of house. It had charm, but we were outgrowing the house very fast. So the search was on and we final found a new house. We also decide to buy our first place and the very stressfully process begin.

Now we are about to move it is hard not to think back on all the amazing things that happened in our very small house. After all this house was first John and I lived in together without a roommate. It was first place we lived after we were married.  We found second cat outside the door begging for food. We have weathered many storms and celebrated many happy moments in this house, but I am so excited to start a new chapter of our life. It is scary, but aren’t most wonderful things!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Little black dress of food

Of they many things I love a great salad is one of them. Some people feel salads are boring, but I have always felt it was the little black dress of food. You can dress it up with amazing cheese and dress it down with great dressing.  The one thing I have learned over the many years of eating salads is it is all about what you put it on.
My all time favorite things to do is to make croutons for salads. it is easy and fast two words I love when I am cooking.  You can also customize it to your taste. You like cheese go for it or you love garlic go crazy.  You will notice there are no measurements and that is because you don’t need them. It is add as much as you want or as little. If there is anything I have learned from watching eight hundred hours of cooking show is taste as you go. Here is a list of what you will nedd: 

  1. So the first thing you need is bread and I prefer sourdough it doesn’t matter if it is a little stale.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Garlic any form you want powder or fresh (minced)
  4. Cheese your choice I prefer cheddar and parmesan chess (grated)
  5. Any other topping you want basil is always good
  6. Tin foil
  7. Cookie sheet
Preheat oven on broil .Cut the bread into cubes and throw in mixing bowl. Put in olive oil the amount should coat the bread lightly, but not so much it is drenched. Put in the minced garlic and mix with your hands ( never be afraid to get hands dirty when cook a little oil never hurt anyone!!).Then throw in the basil mix with hands. Take cookie sheet cover with tin foil. Dump the mixture on the cookie sheet and take the grated cheese and sparkle on top. Put it in the oven for about one minute to minute and a half. Watch it carefully it burns very easily.  Let it cool for five minutes and throw it in a plastic bag and store it in plastic bag in the fridge. Enjoy! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

I am seeing S again

 I am seeing S again
 Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with monograms specifically letter S the first letter 
of my last name. There something about bring a theme of monograms to our very small house that make it very classy and cohesive. So this time I used wooden letter and acrylic paint.  These are things I used:

  1. Wooden letter
  2. Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint
  3. Brushes
  4. Stencils of your choices ( I choose stencils at Michaels)
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Ribbon
  7. Already made butterfly
  It was easy project I just took the sentinels on top of the letter and paint with  the brush. Let it dry. Then turn over the letter and paint Mod Podge on the area where the ribbon will be glued. 
Then put down the ribbon on glued area and put Mod Podge on top of ribbon. Let it dry.
  The butterfly was different project that will discuses in another blog. I just Mod Podge that onto the letter as well. I hope you like it and craft on!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Martha Stewart me has changed my mind ...

  Why Martha Stewart me has changed my mind  

      Lets talk about Martha Stewart the Queen of crafting and manners. I am going to be honest I was annoyed with her and after her fall from grace I was happy to have a Martha break. However, lately she was been growing on me and she just released a new line of acrylic paint and stencils. She even put together handy dandy packets with instructions and material list that cost ten to twenty dollars each. So I am just going to say it Martha I love you!!! I have changed my mind about Martha she has made decorating with acrylic paint fun and easy. 

She has a large selection of colors of acrylic and glitter. There is tons of different packet projects you can see here . It came with glitter, glue, the cards, and beautiful selection of glitter. It was easy to fallow directions and quality product who would not be happy.
 If you want to try some projects by Martha’s acrylics and glitter products they are available at Michaels
I know what your are thinking ugh Michaels really Molly.  I love Michael’s for fallowing reason: 
  1. Coupons 40 % off on receipt every time you shop and now with there new App making coupons is so easy and there is no need to coupon cut.
  2. The people -Yes, I did say the people if you go enough you will get to know the employes and they will be your best resource. I have gotten tips, heads up on deals.
  3. Awesome sales- if you wait ever single items go sale. Michaels likes to start their holiday decor a couple months early so by time it gets to the holiday the have deep discount on all holiday decor.

Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY take two: Give me an S

    So recently I have become obsessed with DIY ( Do It Yourself) projects. I have loved the results so far. I have been watching Nate Burkes Show a lot lately and he had a woman on who is obsessed with mirrors and apparently she wanted to make her own mirrors with photo frames. I know, I was confused too! You can use a spray paint that turns any glass into mirror!! It is called Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint made by Krylon. So of course I had to try it and wouldn’t you know it worked out so well. I do have some words of wisdom for you before you make some of my goofs.
First be carful with tape and anything that can peel off paint normal because guess it is paint Duh!!! Second I come up with a design before you start using spray paint because once start it is hard to go back.Thirdly, and most importantly be creative if you can dream it why not try it. A quick over view of the steps.

  1. Find a frame that you may not love and get creative. So I went for a boring frame I had and then I decide I wanted to monogram it with an S. I went on google typed stencil for S and picked letter I liked. Cut it out and cleaned the frame.
  2. Then I cleaned the glass and took painters tape to put on the S backwards. The painted part needs to be facing in not facing out.
  3. You do about five thin coats and let it dry between each coat.
  4. Then the easiest part I took scrapbook paper and took the cardboard insert and glued it onto it. Make sure it is completely flat then put the whole thing together. I painted the frame as well a great green.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation time: Maui , Hawaii

We went to Maui last week. It was a sort of honeymoon and sort of family vacation.My in-laws came with us and yes, that was my idea. John's mother loves all things Hawaiian and has been to islands about five times. So we all board plan going to paradise and had a great time.
I have personal only been to Oahu and it was sort of disappionting. Not that it wasn't beautiful ,but it was big city with palm trees.Maui however didn't let me down it was unbelievable beautiful. It looked like the most amazing backdrop for movie there of course is good reason for that a lot of movies were filmed there Jurassic Park and Fifty First Dates to name just a few. We saw lots of waterfalls on The Road to Hana and amazing views a top Haleakala . It was great trip.

I had to work on Tuesday I got back on Monday two in the morning . I am still screwed up time wise ( 3 hours ahead for Maui). Of course it has only been two days ,but I feel so exhausted at of the day like I have been up for twenty fours straight!!! My little people aren't helping either , but When I got back I got hugs from everyone and Parker after giving me like twenty hugs said ," I Missed you." he is three and one of sweetest kids ever. I missed them too ...they are a lot of trouble ,but
some of my favorite people in the world.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I know not as many people have had to take as many child psychology class as I have so let me just give you quick defention. Autonomy:
1.independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions:the autonomy of the individual.
2.the condition of being autonomous; self-government, or theright of self-government; independence: The rebelsdemanded autonomy from Spain.3. a self-governing community.
So it is a little odd I am writing a blog about psychology term ,but it will all make sense when I am done I promise. So Kids go through this stage Autonomy vs. Shame and doubt. which just means that the annoying two year old " I do I do" is not just you ,but a stage. If they don't learn to master things by themselves they will become shamefully and doubt themselves. So don't start freaking out because still tie you daughter shoes or that you help child get dress in morning because it take twenty minutes to put on pair of pants. All is well it just means sometimes letting them climb up and fall off the slide and letting the spill milk all over the table is good thing. Supervised always of course.
It accrued to me today while watching kids playing together happly that I have at times pushed them into autonomy at times ,but they can play by themselves so well it is great. However, this is not about me it is about everyone. When it all comes done to it we all want autonomy no matter our age. We all want the freedom to be ourselves to do what we love and yes even fail on our own. That is how we know who we are and become the person we are today , tomorrow and always.

DIY file cabinet

So recently John ( my husband) bought home a metal filling cabinet. Lets face it metal filling cabinets are b-o-r-i-n-g and not really good looking. I have become obsessed with two things Blogs and DIY projects. So what happens when you put these three things together well of course a DIY blog inspired file cabinet. So I just googled it and found a couple of ideas , but the one that screamed out my name was a filling cabinet with scrapbook paper on the front of it. So the idea I borrowed from the Blog Shannon Makes Stuff
I dragged John to Michael's and while looking at scrapbook paper I found this amazing paper that was green and white polka dots so the color was then inspired by the polka dot paper. So after purchasing:
-Spray paint Jade
-Spray paint primer white
-three scrapbook pages of your choice
-mode podge
1 )Then we took sand paper and sand papered some paint off the filing cabinet to make sure the paint adhered to the cabinet.

2)Then the primer coat as much as needed.

3) Then spray paint cabinet. We took the drawer completely out and removed the hard wear ( it was pretty simple).

4) Cut scrapbook paper to fit the front of cabinet . You may have to cut into different stripes to fit.

5)Paint Mod Podge the front of drawer and places
the per cut paper to the drawer.

6) Use hands and credit card to make sure it is completely flat and clean up extra glue. Put something heavy on top like books.

7) Let it dry completely.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding my way back to mysefl

I have always wanted to live in the fifties and I know that is ridiculous statement. I after all would not be able to do half things I do right now like blogging. However I love hats, I love poodle skirts, and most of all baking. I serious wonder sometimes because my job that I jokingly have said is to be a nineteen fifties housewife without the cooking and cleaning. Throw in poodle skirt and it is hard to tell difference. I am nanny and my job involves supervising four children under the age of three and two other school age children.

My problem is I wear the most boring clothes to work. The fifties house wives had that down, but I am not sure how they did it not having snot and spit up all over their amazing sweater sets! I had fashion crisis about five years I ago and it was not pretty. I am someone who loves to dress up. If I am best dress person in room I feel like I have done my job. With children you cant wear skirts and beautiful things unless intend them to be ruined. I have gotten better since I make enough now to buy things that are quality. I still don’t feel like me. I have been trying to make my way back to myself ,but is hard journey. I really hope I can find happy medium between vintage and successful women , but isn’t that what we are all trying to do get to best version of ourselves in clothes and in life.

Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: Target

Friday, July 1, 2011

five things I love!!

I want shopping with my mom this Friday. I am a crazy shop all day sort of girl. I can shop most people into the floor. I pride myself on finding deals wherever I go. So this edition well be the top five things I loved today. We shopped at Camarillo outlets it is just down the way from me I know it is amazing I have any money left with it so close by.

1. Not real a purchase ,but my new favorite restaurant Panera Bread. They have great fresh and delicious food. They make their own bread and bakery items. I could go one forever , but won't. I had Fuji apple salad and green tea. So delicious. my mom is totally addicted too!

2. So you will not believe this because I can hardly believe it myself. One of my favorite brand is J.Crew because of their quality classic pieces. Honestly ,I have a major problem paying over $100 for clothes. So J. Crew outlet and I have become best friends to my husbands dismay. However ,not even he could argue with my purchased of classic khakis for $11.95 no joke. It was originally $54 and then marked down for $14.97 and additional 40 % off. I know amazing right !!!

3. This not a really a store ,but my new haircut I got on thursday made my day . it is fun , and summery I am loving it!!

4. We also stopped by at New Balance outlet. As old cross country runner I now importance of good shoe and so a good walking shoe was on my list things I need. Of course athletic shoe shopping is not that exciting ,but New Balance not only had cute shoes ( as athletic shoes go) ,but super comfortable. After an additionally 25% off I got my new shoes for $32 my feet are already thanking me and I am happy to oblige .

5. I love to people watch and two best place to people watch are shopping center and amusement parks. I know it is little weird ,but people dress up to go shopping it is always interesting. My favorite people are the ones that dress all the trends together ,but not sure what they are doing. You know the ones feathers in the hair , leggings with t-shirt that is to short wearing flats. it is like a train wreck walking around. I am sorry , if I just describe you. E-mail me well talk about fashion !
Have a good weekend !!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baking the cake and eating it too!!

I was watching this show called "Chopped" on the Food network this morning as I was about to leave for work. When they introduce the food they were to cook some sort of fish and a Korean Pork rib ( not sure how it is different from regular pork rib). I stop look at my husband and without losing a beat I said ," Oh two proteins that is hard."
Let me just say my cooking experiences is not really extensive. I grow-up in house where food was something you made because you need it if it tasted ok we we were excited. We did not experiment much if at all. I loved baking ,but nothing crazy brownies , cakes and cookies. When I meet my husband in college he was amazing cook. He loves Food network and cooking shows. So I started watching them too.
So back to the two proteins comment . I stopped and thought wow did I just say that. I mean from having no clue about cooking from knowing what a protein is sort of crazy knowledge arch. Anyway I am looking forward to posting some awesome recipes we use to let you all partake in our love of food. No pervious knowledge necessary .

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Houdini

So recently we adopted a kitten or rather the kitten adopted us. See she got stuck in the wall at the house my mom house sits. We had to call Fire Deportment to get her cut out of wall. She was only five weeks old at the time. She stole our hearts and the sweetest thing you have ever meet. My husband has weak spot of cats and has especially fallen love with her. He is like a mother hen and worries about her all the time. She had to go get fixed and he has worried non- stop of last two weeks. She is our baby. We named her Houdini since she is escape artist.
Anyway her surgery want fine and is resting now. She is such a special little thing and we love her to death. She will be back home soon and my husband will hopefully relax a little now that she is fine.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

paper source class

I am going to start off saying I am a crafting freak . I admit it fully . When I was twelve I decide stamping was the thing for me like you do. I bought stamps and asked for stamp sets for my birthday and end up with a embosser which for those of you that are not stamp freaks like me it is a powder that put on top of wet ink and make it raise after heated. I have not for years done anything with these stamps , but have refused to get redid of them.
So recently my husband signed me up for a class at Paper Source in Thousand Oaks mall. It is our first anniversary and fallowing with traditionally gifts of paper he signed me up for class on stamping and cards. Let me just say I love Paper Source the have some very unique stuff and fun paper crafts. So I was very excited to try one of their classes.
It was an amazing class really fun and I was able to use so
me of their very awesome products. The results were great. I
am totally in love with the stencils especially the spirals and flowers $4.95 each. I also loved the Chalk stamp pads $4.95 each in variety of colors. They dry almost instantly it was great. If you are freak like me who loves stamping it is must take class.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hate first posts

I know, I know this where I introduce myself and tell you what my blog will be all about ,but I don't really want to confine myself to that so let just say I am the Seinfeld of Blogs. I am about everything and nothing at same time with a whole lot of yada , yada in between. Beside the fact I have obviously watched too many Seinfeld episodes and well let you know a few of my favorite things. Kittens , and snowflakes ( just kidding although I do love both of those thing). If it is not painfully obvious one of my favorite things movies and T.V show , baking , vintage hats , clothes , organizing things , children , taking pictures , nail polish , makeup and family and friends. So that is a little taste of what the blog will be about. hope stop by now and then to hang out with me and loved to hear from you as well. So please drop me line .