Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baking the cake and eating it too!!

I was watching this show called "Chopped" on the Food network this morning as I was about to leave for work. When they introduce the food they were to cook some sort of fish and a Korean Pork rib ( not sure how it is different from regular pork rib). I stop look at my husband and without losing a beat I said ," Oh two proteins that is hard."
Let me just say my cooking experiences is not really extensive. I grow-up in house where food was something you made because you need it if it tasted ok we we were excited. We did not experiment much if at all. I loved baking ,but nothing crazy brownies , cakes and cookies. When I meet my husband in college he was amazing cook. He loves Food network and cooking shows. So I started watching them too.
So back to the two proteins comment . I stopped and thought wow did I just say that. I mean from having no clue about cooking from knowing what a protein is sort of crazy knowledge arch. Anyway I am looking forward to posting some awesome recipes we use to let you all partake in our love of food. No pervious knowledge necessary .

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Houdini

So recently we adopted a kitten or rather the kitten adopted us. See she got stuck in the wall at the house my mom house sits. We had to call Fire Deportment to get her cut out of wall. She was only five weeks old at the time. She stole our hearts and the sweetest thing you have ever meet. My husband has weak spot of cats and has especially fallen love with her. He is like a mother hen and worries about her all the time. She had to go get fixed and he has worried non- stop of last two weeks. She is our baby. We named her Houdini since she is escape artist.
Anyway her surgery want fine and is resting now. She is such a special little thing and we love her to death. She will be back home soon and my husband will hopefully relax a little now that she is fine.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

paper source class

I am going to start off saying I am a crafting freak . I admit it fully . When I was twelve I decide stamping was the thing for me like you do. I bought stamps and asked for stamp sets for my birthday and end up with a embosser which for those of you that are not stamp freaks like me it is a powder that put on top of wet ink and make it raise after heated. I have not for years done anything with these stamps , but have refused to get redid of them.
So recently my husband signed me up for a class at Paper Source in Thousand Oaks mall. It is our first anniversary and fallowing with traditionally gifts of paper he signed me up for class on stamping and cards. Let me just say I love Paper Source the have some very unique stuff and fun paper crafts. So I was very excited to try one of their classes.
It was an amazing class really fun and I was able to use so
me of their very awesome products. The results were great. I
am totally in love with the stencils especially the spirals and flowers $4.95 each. I also loved the Chalk stamp pads $4.95 each in variety of colors. They dry almost instantly it was great. If you are freak like me who loves stamping it is must take class.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hate first posts

I know, I know this where I introduce myself and tell you what my blog will be all about ,but I don't really want to confine myself to that so let just say I am the Seinfeld of Blogs. I am about everything and nothing at same time with a whole lot of yada , yada in between. Beside the fact I have obviously watched too many Seinfeld episodes and well let you know a few of my favorite things. Kittens , and snowflakes ( just kidding although I do love both of those thing). If it is not painfully obvious one of my favorite things movies and T.V show , baking , vintage hats , clothes , organizing things , children , taking pictures , nail polish , makeup and family and friends. So that is a little taste of what the blog will be about. hope stop by now and then to hang out with me and loved to hear from you as well. So please drop me line .