Friday, June 29, 2012

What I love: Midi Queen bags

I am so lucky to live in amazing place. It only is beautifully ,but full of talented people that make amazing things. It is worth noting Venture County is home of Patagonia amazing sport cloths company , Ojai Clothing,  and Rocket Fizz candy store and many more.

This weekend I want to Midi Queen purse party and they are defiantly new upcoming bag. Really cute and quality handmade . I could not help buying one for myself. Actual I wanted to buy all of them, but my husband would have killed me. So I bought just one. 

I am so excited about my new purse I love the old upholstery fabric and leather handle. It was not cheap at $ 69.71 with tax,but as purse go that isn’t a bad price especially for handmade purse. The whole purse is made in Ventura County and definitely not something you will see everyone carrying around. Lucky me !!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

This week on Ebay : Panzerblitz War games and Dam dolls

This week on Ebay I have two things for sell. One is war board game by Avalon Hill's called Panzerblitz from 1970’s. It has never been played and the pieces never been used. It even has the registration card still in the box. The box has a little damaged due to water, but the continents are perfect. Check it out here.

The second one is an iconic Dam doll. Which if you never heard of them they are basically better looking troll doll from 1964. It has glass eyes and crazy black hair that is slightly falling out. He is cute little turtle. This guy is rare too. Sort of cute for a troll. If interested check him out here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recipe card: Carne Asada

My husband and I are lovers  of food ,but like most people these days we have steak taste on Bologna budget. So when a co-worker was making tortillas I stopped her and said “that is it?” She smile and said , " That is it. So simple" It was ridiculously easy and taste is a million time better then store bought.

All you really need is tortillas press and Masa. Here is recipe for making tortillas. So of course what is best thing to have in a fresh tortilla ,but Crane Asada. One of my all time favorites and with this recipe you will fall in love. We have made recipe twice and both times couldn’t stop eating it. So gourmet without the cost.  you will amaze your guest or just yourself with the great tasting dish and with little effort.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Handmade Tuesday: Crayon art as seen on Pinterest

I have seen picture of the melted crayon art all over Pinterest and thought I am final going to try it. I have to say it was harder then it looks. I have some helpful hints that will make your life easier. First of all  I used waxed paper underneath the projects so you don’t make a huge mess. Second put painter tapes around the edge so it doesn’t run off the edges. Lastly the crayons like to move around lot so it is hard to hold it upright completely.You may want to glue the crayons on the canvas. The hair dryer moves the crayons all over the places so be aware of it when start the project. I heated top to secure it first.Than let it dry.

What need:
Hair dryer or embosser
Waxed paper
Painters tape

Tape the edges of the canvas. Take off the paper around the crayons. Lay the canvas flat on the waxed paper and put crayons on canvas how you would like them and glue.  Turn on hair dryer/ embosser and melt until it runs. Slightly tilt the canvas up and let color continue to run. Stop when you are happy with results. Let it dry five minutes or so and peel of painters tape.  Enjoy.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Minnie project: Custom color scrapbook letters

You know when you are doing a project and realize hay that was cool idea I should blog about it!! So maybe you don’t know that feeling,but that was what I thought when I stared stamping my scrapbook letters.

What need:
 Distress stamp pads Tim Holtz
Scrapbook white letters
Blending tool for ink I suggest Tim Holtz 

Take the blending tool choose the first ink you want and dab the blending tool. Then blend it on top of white letters. Then I choose the second stamp pad and dab the blender on top of the letters and bland it to desired color.  That is it. Be creative and try all sorts of colors. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

What I love: vintage tins and cake stand

Last weekend in our townhouse complex had a garage sale. We walked from townhouse to townhouse chatted with our neighbors and found a great vintage tins and cake stand. They are so cute and the cake stand is unbelievable.  Have great weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ebay and Etsy: New and fun items

It is exciting time to be me. Many new adventures happing lately.  I have been dabbling in Etsy and just lately add some new items I can’t wait to share. Come check out my shop here.

On Ebay we have two items this week. Two signs one is Hires thermometer. Really good condition and great looking thermometer and wonderful addition to 
any collection. For more information click here.

The second one is a Capper’s Frame protective service services. It is little rough looking, but really cool with an eagle graphics. For more information go here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handmade Tuesday: Discovery bottles

One of my all time favorite DIY kid’s project is Discovery bottle. The best part about discovery bottles are there are no rules other then it needs to fit in a bottle. That is it! I have seen discovery bottles with rocks,mud,money, colored bounce balls, oil, and puff balls. The best bottles incorporate two or more things such as oil, watercolors and marbles. You are only stopped by your imagination.

What you need:
Plastic bottle such as water bottle (not the eco friendly ones they are too weak) or soda bottle.
Super glue
Change ( pennies, nickels)

It is pretty simple add rice to bottle and put coins through out. I only put rice in half of the bottle. This is my trick and a lot of people will tell to use a glue gun for the top ,but I like super glue. Super glue is stronger for younger kids and doesn’t fall off. I think it last longer and I have not had one toddler get the lid off yet!!! 

Here are some more ideas for you from pinterest on what you can do with discovery bottles.

Tissue paper , pipe cleaners, sequins

Magnetic  coins

Words and puffy balls

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My crazy collection: Mom's board games

This weekend we went through my mom’s board game collection. She has decided she wants to sell all of them. We went through all of them and have been looking for prices all weekend.

It  has been long process. So here is sneak peak of some of the collection.  This game called Pitch Em beauty is horse shoe game you can play inside. The horse shoes are rubber. It is pretty awesome.

We have not decide how to sell them yet. There are some amazing games. Really unique and fun. This gem is Noah Ark with animals and all.

This game is so old circa 1903. I am amazing anything from that long ago that is made out of paper is still around!Apparently in 1903 walking around with egg on spoon was really cool!

I can't believe this is quiz game. This game uses real electricity to answer question and makes bell ring if answer is right. The cardboard cards topics vary from the bible to presidents of United States. How awesome is Knapp Electric Questioner? Pretty awesome.