Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage inspired cloths with out the price tag

I love clothes and my favorite type of cloths are vintage and vintage inspired cloths. Unfortunately vintage cloths are expensive and hard to take care of. Vintage inspired cloths are not much better because they are usually pretty high price tag. Recently I have stumbled upon two websites that offer vintage inspired cloths at reasonable prices. The first site is sort of amazing because of the variety and quirky items it is called Modcloth. it has become one of my favorite sites and I just made my first purchase from them today a cute polk dotted skirt. I can’t wait till it arrives.

The second is called Ruche their cloths are so famine and vintage looking. i love it. They have new collection out called Enchanted with Ruche's lookbook: It is hard to pick a favorite out of these gorgeous dress ,but I have to say I am loving the making new memories lace dress.

 The color is such a different green and the lace makes it so delicate and famine. I also enjoy their jewelry and accessors section with some amazing stuff that is breath taking. I can’t wait to buy some of their amazing dresses. Both sites offer such amazing items at great prices I can’t resist sharing my finds on both sites.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soup can craft

Here is craft that I made for our bridal shower I am planning. I am loving how easy it is and how great it looks. Another plus is how cheap it is. Let’s face it sometimes you start a craft and you spend a lot more money then you anticipated this is not one of these crafts. So I happy to give you my instructions ,but it was inspired by Pinterst as so many things are. 

What you will need:
soup cans cleaned
scrapbook or cardstock paper
Paper cutter
Measuring tape
Simple measure the soup can and cut paper 
to fit the soap can. Paint on Mod Podge and put paper on the can smooth as you go. Paint edges with Mod Podge and let dry. That is it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Picks

      I am obsessed with the Oscars even when I couldn’t watch them I would get newspaper and pour over the pages. John laughs at me because when the Oscars are on I am all business with my ballot and tissues.I will hurt you if you make fun of acceptances speeches no matter how lame. The dresses ,the movie stars and of course the awards. My dream is to be invited to the Oscars, get a swag bag and chat with Juliet Roberts oh someday....
Anyway come this Sunday I will be sitting happily on couch with husband glued to T.V.  So here are my picks for this year.
Best picture: The Artist
Actor In leading Role: This hard choice George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I want George Clooney to win.
Actress In leading Role: I really want Michelle Williams to win ,but I think Viola Davis is going to win.
Actor in a Supporting Role: Nick Nolte
Actress in a supporting Role: I really think Melissa McCrathy was amazing in Bridesmaids and I know it was comedy,but lets get over not only dramas deserve an Oscar. 
Directing: Midnight In Paris Woody Allen. Love him and he is awesome.
 So if you want to participate with an oscar ballot of your own you can download App or go to Oscar site make your own picks. It is a lot of fun and there is ton of interesting information on the site. I am hoping one day to throw Oscar party with big fancy dress maybe next year...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridal Shower Planning


This year is the year of the wedding for my two of my very good friends are getting married. I have the pleasure of planning bridal shower for my friend Candice. Planning a party  is a lot work and ultimately fun. Her vision for the party was garden party. We are asking guest beings flower of their choose making it literally like amazing garden. I think the hardest part of planning a party for someone else is honoring there vision for their party. I can’t wait to see how it a ll turns out !!! So here is a peak some of our ideas.

All Pictures are from pinterst.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A look at my dad's extraordinary eclectic house

I visited my dad on Friday to help him sell some stuff on Ebay. Which you can check out here if you are curious. Which if my dad was average person would mean ski equipment and telescope I got as kid. However, my dad is not average guy. He is collector of many things and you know that show American pickers that was my dad about fifteen years ago. Of the tons of stuff he owns right now we are selling old movie and circus posters right now. My dad's house is treasure trove of interesting things not just in his collectables,but his crazy sculptures he makes.
As kid I never realized that when we had visitors it was to look at all of his collectables because he was well know for his collection. I didn’t really understand how rare and interesting some of these items until my husband stared watching reality antique show. Sitting couch next to him I heard myself saying,” oh we have/ had that.” a lot and my husband was looking at me with his mouth open. Funny how what was normal to me is really extraordinary. So here is peak at my dad’s house. Enjoy!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Baking with the Molly Funky factor

I love to bake ,but I am still fairly new at it. I grow up in house where we cooked to eat and that is it. However, in high school baking became something I enjoyed doing very basic cooking in the out of box sort of thing. I meet my husband in college and he LOVES to cook I mean loves it  and his whole family loves to cook too. So I started becoming excited by baking again this time I was baking out of the box. Sometimes that means amazing results and sometimes it’s very scary. I like to call it the Molly Funky factor. If I made it there will be funkiness I can’t help it ,but lets face it sometimes people don’t want to eat something funky looking unless they are related to you or they love you dearly. 
So this is me warning to you. I will from time from time have recipes on my blog. However, it is not going to look beautiful and perfect. I am real person and I make real food that is not symmetrical.  I embrace the funkiness and I hope you enjoy to as much as I do. So saying that let’s talk about food. My husband loves Coco- Cola and when I saw the recipe for Coco-Cola cupcakes by  A Cozy Kitchen I could not resist. The recipe seen here is very straight forward and easy to make. The cupcakes don’t taste like Coco-Cola but have great taste all the same. So hope you all have good weekend and enjoy some baking.

                                Not too funky looking this time!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


U2 “One”
One Love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we’re not the same
We got to
 Carry each other
Carry each other
So I am going to take a moment away from crafts to talk about something I am in love with my TOMS shoes. Not only are they the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and refuse to take them off,but they give a pair shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy incredible and wonderful. I have fallen in love with them and their mission I don’t feel bad for one minute spending money on great product that gives back. Something else I find amazing is they didn’t start this product to make money and then decide to give shoes away. It was opposite they wanted to figure out how to give shoes away so they came up with TOMS. I have to wonder why there are not more business out there like TOMS. I think world would be better places if we did. 
I think we forget easily how important making other people happy is. How being selfish is easy and giving back makes us expanded ourselves. Sometimes we are so busy working and taking care of our family we forget if we need to take a moment and give back  and let others less fortunate have something as simple as shoes. So take a moment and give back even if is as easy as buying a pair TOMS shoes and never for forget it is not all about you and give back just to make someone else happy. Best of all it makes you feel incredible too!!! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun web surfing

Hi there long time no blog,
So I have been real sick this whole week. I am use to having cold now and then because taking care of small children it is part of deal. However, this cold is horrible the cough itself makes you want to relocate to desert island to never meet another person with germs again. Anyway, I have not crafted for about week and half so not much to share on that front. So I thought I would share some fun sites I have found recently while handing out on the couch . Hope you enjoy!!
  1. I am loving this You tube channel MegAllenColeCrafts on how to make DIY  fashion and home decor. She is goofy fun and really easy to fallow. 
  2. I am enjoying these amazing scrapbook pages by Clever handmade. I am digging how she sews very whimsically scenes on her scrapbook page.
  1. So many cute Valentine card ideas out there. However this is my favorite by far by She used heart crayons  she made as her cards so awesome.