Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Martha Stewart me has changed my mind ...

  Why Martha Stewart me has changed my mind  

      Lets talk about Martha Stewart the Queen of crafting and manners. I am going to be honest I was annoyed with her and after her fall from grace I was happy to have a Martha break. However, lately she was been growing on me and she just released a new line of acrylic paint and stencils. She even put together handy dandy packets with instructions and material list that cost ten to twenty dollars each. So I am just going to say it Martha I love you!!! I have changed my mind about Martha she has made decorating with acrylic paint fun and easy. 

She has a large selection of colors of acrylic and glitter. There is tons of different packet projects you can see here . It came with glitter, glue, the cards, and beautiful selection of glitter. It was easy to fallow directions and quality product who would not be happy.
 If you want to try some projects by Martha’s acrylics and glitter products they are available at Michaels
I know what your are thinking ugh Michaels really Molly.  I love Michael’s for fallowing reason: 
  1. Coupons 40 % off on receipt every time you shop and now with there new App making coupons is so easy and there is no need to coupon cut.
  2. The people -Yes, I did say the people if you go enough you will get to know the employes and they will be your best resource. I have gotten tips, heads up on deals.
  3. Awesome sales- if you wait ever single items go sale. Michaels likes to start their holiday decor a couple months early so by time it gets to the holiday the have deep discount on all holiday decor.

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