Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kid's conner : Starting of new school year on right foot

As you might know I am a nanny ,but I was also preschool teacher for over three years. I feel my knowledge might help you guys out so I am starting a new segment called kid’s conner. I will give you  helpful tips that have worked for me when working and living with small children.

This week I want to give you hints on how to start preschool on right foot. 

  1. You may be amazed at how little preschool teachers make and let me tell you for the amount of work they do they should billion dollars a day. I am talking twelve dollars an hour.  So on the first day of school bring in a gift. It can be as simple as gift card to Starbucks or if you are crafty here are some great ideas from Pinterset. Oh and let me tell you stay away from Bath and Body works it seems to be everyones favorite gift and I use to give it away. Even the smallest gesture is appreciated.

  1. Come early on first day of school and talk to teacher. Ask them about themselves and get basic fell for them. Note anything that they are interested in. Being able to talk to teacher about anything will make it easier to talk to them about more difficult things. It is relationship that means you need to make an effort. Try checking-in daily if you can.     

  1.   This might seem obvious ,but treat the teacher like a person. Greet them and ask how they are. Tell funny stories about the child they are watching. Let them be part of your life by sharing part of yours. Volunteer for outings or parties if you can. They are fun to go to and it gives you feel for how the classroom runs. I myself have been to a lot of parties as teacher and as parent/ caregiver and it will only an hour or so. It's complete chaos and really is fun.  It take a village to rise a child and you want to be part of it.

I really hope you have a great school.

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