Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding my way back to mysefl

I have always wanted to live in the fifties and I know that is ridiculous statement. I after all would not be able to do half things I do right now like blogging. However I love hats, I love poodle skirts, and most of all baking. I serious wonder sometimes because my job that I jokingly have said is to be a nineteen fifties housewife without the cooking and cleaning. Throw in poodle skirt and it is hard to tell difference. I am nanny and my job involves supervising four children under the age of three and two other school age children.

My problem is I wear the most boring clothes to work. The fifties house wives had that down, but I am not sure how they did it not having snot and spit up all over their amazing sweater sets! I had fashion crisis about five years I ago and it was not pretty. I am someone who loves to dress up. If I am best dress person in room I feel like I have done my job. With children you cant wear skirts and beautiful things unless intend them to be ruined. I have gotten better since I make enough now to buy things that are quality. I still don’t feel like me. I have been trying to make my way back to myself ,but is hard journey. I really hope I can find happy medium between vintage and successful women , but isn’t that what we are all trying to do get to best version of ourselves in clothes and in life.

Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: Target

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