Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY file cabinet

So recently John ( my husband) bought home a metal filling cabinet. Lets face it metal filling cabinets are b-o-r-i-n-g and not really good looking. I have become obsessed with two things Blogs and DIY projects. So what happens when you put these three things together well of course a DIY blog inspired file cabinet. So I just googled it and found a couple of ideas , but the one that screamed out my name was a filling cabinet with scrapbook paper on the front of it. So the idea I borrowed from the Blog Shannon Makes Stuff
I dragged John to Michael's and while looking at scrapbook paper I found this amazing paper that was green and white polka dots so the color was then inspired by the polka dot paper. So after purchasing:
-Spray paint Jade
-Spray paint primer white
-three scrapbook pages of your choice
-mode podge
1 )Then we took sand paper and sand papered some paint off the filing cabinet to make sure the paint adhered to the cabinet.

2)Then the primer coat as much as needed.

3) Then spray paint cabinet. We took the drawer completely out and removed the hard wear ( it was pretty simple).

4) Cut scrapbook paper to fit the front of cabinet . You may have to cut into different stripes to fit.

5)Paint Mod Podge the front of drawer and places
the per cut paper to the drawer.

6) Use hands and credit card to make sure it is completely flat and clean up extra glue. Put something heavy on top like books.

7) Let it dry completely.


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