Friday, July 1, 2011

five things I love!!

I want shopping with my mom this Friday. I am a crazy shop all day sort of girl. I can shop most people into the floor. I pride myself on finding deals wherever I go. So this edition well be the top five things I loved today. We shopped at Camarillo outlets it is just down the way from me I know it is amazing I have any money left with it so close by.

1. Not real a purchase ,but my new favorite restaurant Panera Bread. They have great fresh and delicious food. They make their own bread and bakery items. I could go one forever , but won't. I had Fuji apple salad and green tea. So delicious. my mom is totally addicted too!

2. So you will not believe this because I can hardly believe it myself. One of my favorite brand is J.Crew because of their quality classic pieces. Honestly ,I have a major problem paying over $100 for clothes. So J. Crew outlet and I have become best friends to my husbands dismay. However ,not even he could argue with my purchased of classic khakis for $11.95 no joke. It was originally $54 and then marked down for $14.97 and additional 40 % off. I know amazing right !!!

3. This not a really a store ,but my new haircut I got on thursday made my day . it is fun , and summery I am loving it!!

4. We also stopped by at New Balance outlet. As old cross country runner I now importance of good shoe and so a good walking shoe was on my list things I need. Of course athletic shoe shopping is not that exciting ,but New Balance not only had cute shoes ( as athletic shoes go) ,but super comfortable. After an additionally 25% off I got my new shoes for $32 my feet are already thanking me and I am happy to oblige .

5. I love to people watch and two best place to people watch are shopping center and amusement parks. I know it is little weird ,but people dress up to go shopping it is always interesting. My favorite people are the ones that dress all the trends together ,but not sure what they are doing. You know the ones feathers in the hair , leggings with t-shirt that is to short wearing flats. it is like a train wreck walking around. I am sorry , if I just describe you. E-mail me well talk about fashion !
Have a good weekend !!

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