Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baking the cake and eating it too!!

I was watching this show called "Chopped" on the Food network this morning as I was about to leave for work. When they introduce the food they were to cook some sort of fish and a Korean Pork rib ( not sure how it is different from regular pork rib). I stop look at my husband and without losing a beat I said ," Oh two proteins that is hard."
Let me just say my cooking experiences is not really extensive. I grow-up in house where food was something you made because you need it if it tasted ok we we were excited. We did not experiment much if at all. I loved baking ,but nothing crazy brownies , cakes and cookies. When I meet my husband in college he was amazing cook. He loves Food network and cooking shows. So I started watching them too.
So back to the two proteins comment . I stopped and thought wow did I just say that. I mean from having no clue about cooking from knowing what a protein is sort of crazy knowledge arch. Anyway I am looking forward to posting some awesome recipes we use to let you all partake in our love of food. No pervious knowledge necessary .

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