Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am the mad hatter

      Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Julie. It is sort of crazy since I know her since she was fourteen year old freshman in high school. Now she is getting married and it feels sort of strange because through out the years we have done many memorable things, but nothing prepares you  how it feel to see one of your closet friend trying on weeding dress to see her grow from an awkward fourteen year old I meet so many years ago to now an amazing beautiful women getting ready for wedding. Wow is all I could say.

       After watching her try on lots of wedding dress yesterday I want did my own fashion today with my hats. I am not sure how many people know I have collected vintage hats since high school. It is sort of secret obsession I have had and although I don’t wear them on a normal days I like to occasional put them on and make silly faces. Don’t judge it makes me happy.  I went through all my hats and took picture of each so I know what I have and then made crazy faces and took pictures of myself. So I thought I would share some of my craziness with you.  

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