Sunday, December 18, 2011

Very Crazy Holiday Season

   It has been crazy last two months we bought a condo and ended up moving in three weeks later. Which is sort of unheard of when buying a foreclosure, but we were ready to move into a larger places and we found our dream house. It has a spiral stair case(swoon) and a bay window in the bed room ( swoon) and an amazing kitchen and living room with incredible high ceiling and a great loft.  
As you can imagine I have been unpacking like a crazy person. With holiday season upon us I have been so busy shopping, holiday decorating and getting settled in I have not had time to check in. So here are some crafts I have been working on and creations I have made in my precious spare time.
I made an ornament wreath. Simple foam wreath, glue gun and ornaments. Oh and sense of adventure.
   I also took some pinecones and flocked them my self. Which is not a torture technique just a really easy way to make them look like it had snow on pine cones. I used spray on    adhesive glue, glitter white and sparkling on flocking. All bought at Michaels with 40% off coupons.
    I made wreath from pre-done one at Michaels (thanks to in-laws for bring me them). Cheap ornaments, bells and bow. This is our Christmas card picture this year and the wreath I made was behind us.I love this picture it feels so classic and yet very tongue and check at same time.

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