Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Perfect craft Simple and Cute

               The Perfect craft Simple and Cute

To me the perfect craft is on that is simple and looks amazing. Something people are amazed you made and you proudly say I made that. So recently I found one such great craft. I made a photo wreath. It was so easy and good looking. The best part is ability to change pictures because it has clothespins make it easy . Like said cute and easy.  Here is how. 
I used:
Wooden Embroidery hoop
Wooden clothes pins
Glue gun
Decorative for the cloths pin. I used decorative tape

Then decorate the cloths pins. Glue the cloths pin to the hoop use the pictures as guide for the spacing. Let it dry. Then put pictures on with the cloths pin. Add a ribbon on back for hanging on the wall.  Done easy and Enjoy

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