Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July trip: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hope everyone had great 4th of July weekend. We decide to do a quick trip up north to Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a fast two day tip and really fun. It was a lot of driving for two days and we are still trying to recover from it. 
   It was really cool little town with so much to do. We spent most of the day at in the Aquarium itself and Cannery row the street the aquarium is on. The Aquarium had two special exhibits that were phenomenal! The first one was all on jellyfish and we spent most of our time just looking at the different jellyfish. The are amazing animals and so gorgeous.

The second exhibit was on seashores. They are really unique little creatures that I really had no idea about. The babies are so small you can’t help stop and oohh and ahhing over them. The are very interesting little guys.

The aquarium was really amazing and perfect for kids. Tons of interactive exhibits that will excite kids and parents alike touching and get close up to sea birds and sea life.

At end of our day we wandered around Cannery Row and checked out the stores. I searched for my vintage postcards and we picked up way to much candy at true candy store.We had great time and I defiantly want to go back. 

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