Sunday, July 1, 2012

D23 event: Treasures of Disney Archives at Roland Reagan Libary

View from the Roland Reagan Library
This weekend we went to incredible event at the Roland Reagan Library in Simi Valley. It was put on by D23 a Disneyland club we belong to. It is great club that has amazing events exclusively for it’s members and tons of cool things too including a magazine that comes with fun goodies. We 
have only been members two years my husband loves it. If you are curious about it you can check out more information right here.

Berlin Wall

 John’s birthday is next month and so I told him we could do one of the events for his birthday present. I gave John a choice of being first to see Cars land (another event held by D23) or be the first to see the exhibit “Treasures of the Disney Archives” at Ronald Reagan Library. He choose the exhibit and I am really glad he did. 

Oswald poster

Sleeping beauty Cell

The Bedknob from" Bedknob and BroomSticks"

Hitch hiker ghost from Haunted Mansion 

We got to Roland Reagan library which is on top of mountain in Simi Valley with breath taking panoramic views. Walked into the event and waited to see the exhibit. I love Disney movies and growing-up watching both cartoons and live action. My two live action favorite older movies are “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” and “Mary Poppins”. One of the most amazing moment for me came when we were standing in front of Mary Poppins costume. I literal stood there for five minuets staring at it. I had a full circle moment standing there watching that movie over hundred time and seeing the custom in front of me and took my breath away. 

Close-up of "Mary Poppins" custom

If you love Disney movies new or old you have to see this exhibit. It will blow your socks off. It starts July 6 to April 2013 giving you plenty of time to come experiences the magic. The general admission to the library is $21 and that includes getting into this special exhibit “Treasures of Walt Disney Archives” an amazing deal. The library itself is really cool too they have in the  Air Force One and part of Berlin wall in these amazing venue . So go get your tickets on sale right here and check it out.

Close up of Mad Hatter costume. Yes , that is spools of thread!

Me standing by the miniatures of black pearl

The miniature of the Black pearl

Costume  Pirates of Caribbean " Dead Man's Chest" costume 

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