Monday, July 23, 2012

Handmade tuesday: DIY hair accessories

Handmade Tuesday is so simple and wearable this week.  I love hair accessories and honestly they are to expensive for something really cheaply made. I love  elastic hair tie seen on Emi-Jay website a wonderfully two girls that donate part of profits to charity,but honestly the $19.99 for eight is bit steep for me. Anthropologie has them as well for $12.00 for five. Imagine my amazement when I walked into Micheal’s to find the elastic band in 60 inches for $3.99. So I had to try to make my own hair accessories. 

What you need:
 Elastic band
Accents / flowers
Fabric glue

Take the elastic band and cut desired length. Tie at the end with two knots. Add the accents simply add to fabric glue on the accents and firmly press it to the elastic band. Put it some place it wont be disturbed for at least two hours. I let sit over night before wearing it.

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