Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Houdini

So recently we adopted a kitten or rather the kitten adopted us. See she got stuck in the wall at the house my mom house sits. We had to call Fire Deportment to get her cut out of wall. She was only five weeks old at the time. She stole our hearts and the sweetest thing you have ever meet. My husband has weak spot of cats and has especially fallen love with her. He is like a mother hen and worries about her all the time. She had to go get fixed and he has worried non- stop of last two weeks. She is our baby. We named her Houdini since she is escape artist.
Anyway her surgery want fine and is resting now. She is such a special little thing and we love her to death. She will be back home soon and my husband will hopefully relax a little now that she is fine.

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