Friday, February 10, 2012

Baking with the Molly Funky factor

I love to bake ,but I am still fairly new at it. I grow up in house where we cooked to eat and that is it. However, in high school baking became something I enjoyed doing very basic cooking in the out of box sort of thing. I meet my husband in college and he LOVES to cook I mean loves it  and his whole family loves to cook too. So I started becoming excited by baking again this time I was baking out of the box. Sometimes that means amazing results and sometimes it’s very scary. I like to call it the Molly Funky factor. If I made it there will be funkiness I can’t help it ,but lets face it sometimes people don’t want to eat something funky looking unless they are related to you or they love you dearly. 
So this is me warning to you. I will from time from time have recipes on my blog. However, it is not going to look beautiful and perfect. I am real person and I make real food that is not symmetrical.  I embrace the funkiness and I hope you enjoy to as much as I do. So saying that let’s talk about food. My husband loves Coco- Cola and when I saw the recipe for Coco-Cola cupcakes by  A Cozy Kitchen I could not resist. The recipe seen here is very straight forward and easy to make. The cupcakes don’t taste like Coco-Cola but have great taste all the same. So hope you all have good weekend and enjoy some baking.

                                Not too funky looking this time!

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