Saturday, February 18, 2012

A look at my dad's extraordinary eclectic house

I visited my dad on Friday to help him sell some stuff on Ebay. Which you can check out here if you are curious. Which if my dad was average person would mean ski equipment and telescope I got as kid. However, my dad is not average guy. He is collector of many things and you know that show American pickers that was my dad about fifteen years ago. Of the tons of stuff he owns right now we are selling old movie and circus posters right now. My dad's house is treasure trove of interesting things not just in his collectables,but his crazy sculptures he makes.
As kid I never realized that when we had visitors it was to look at all of his collectables because he was well know for his collection. I didn’t really understand how rare and interesting some of these items until my husband stared watching reality antique show. Sitting couch next to him I heard myself saying,” oh we have/ had that.” a lot and my husband was looking at me with his mouth open. Funny how what was normal to me is really extraordinary. So here is peak at my dad’s house. Enjoy!!


  1. Oh Molly! What a wonderful collection of photos and writing. Your mom and dad are true artists. I feel so fortunate to have had their examples growing up. They showed me the beauty in thinking outside of the box. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They do have a way of thinking out of the box creating so many interesting things.