Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun web surfing

Hi there long time no blog,
So I have been real sick this whole week. I am use to having cold now and then because taking care of small children it is part of deal. However, this cold is horrible the cough itself makes you want to relocate to desert island to never meet another person with germs again. Anyway, I have not crafted for about week and half so not much to share on that front. So I thought I would share some fun sites I have found recently while handing out on the couch . Hope you enjoy!!
  1. I am loving this You tube channel MegAllenColeCrafts on how to make DIY  fashion and home decor. She is goofy fun and really easy to fallow. 
  2. I am enjoying these amazing scrapbook pages by Clever handmade. I am digging how she sews very whimsically scenes on her scrapbook page.
  1. So many cute Valentine card ideas out there. However this is my favorite by far by She used heart crayons  she made as her cards so awesome.

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