Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Picks

      I am obsessed with the Oscars even when I couldn’t watch them I would get newspaper and pour over the pages. John laughs at me because when the Oscars are on I am all business with my ballot and tissues.I will hurt you if you make fun of acceptances speeches no matter how lame. The dresses ,the movie stars and of course the awards. My dream is to be invited to the Oscars, get a swag bag and chat with Juliet Roberts oh someday....
Anyway come this Sunday I will be sitting happily on couch with husband glued to T.V.  So here are my picks for this year.
Best picture: The Artist
Actor In leading Role: This hard choice George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I want George Clooney to win.
Actress In leading Role: I really want Michelle Williams to win ,but I think Viola Davis is going to win.
Actor in a Supporting Role: Nick Nolte
Actress in a supporting Role: I really think Melissa McCrathy was amazing in Bridesmaids and I know it was comedy,but lets get over not only dramas deserve an Oscar. 
Directing: Midnight In Paris Woody Allen. Love him and he is awesome.
 So if you want to participate with an oscar ballot of your own you can download App or go to Oscar site make your own picks. It is a lot of fun and there is ton of interesting information on the site. I am hoping one day to throw Oscar party with big fancy dress maybe next year...

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