Monday, August 6, 2012

Handmade wedding: Make your own wedding flowers

Julie decided for her wedding to buy all her flowers from a cut your own farm. Just note here she lives and Oregon and there are several locations to do this ,but not every where may have these farms. Here is information on location we want to. This option was not only affordable 80 dollars for all her flowers, but fun if you are organized.

We used all the flowers for: 
Three bouquets : bridal,Maid of honor and throwing bouquet 
7 flower arrangements on the tables for both cocktail hour and reception
All the boutonnieres
Amazing arrangement on fireplace 
What need:
canning jars
Chicken wire / floral adhesive tape
Floral foam block
Garbage can
 5 or more buckets / containers ( keep flowers in)

It was pretty simple once we picked flowers with Natalie ( A brilliant friend that has done flowers for two other wedding). We stored them at her house in buckets with lot's of water. Keeping them cool and out of sun. The next day and one day before the wedding we arranged them. First soak floral foam in water about five minutes and cut to fit inside the vases using a knife. We took the vases and added the floral foam or cress-cross using the tape. The floral foam and/or floral tape keeps the arrangements stay put. A quick note on all flowers cut the stems at angle at least 1/2 inch.First use greens ( anything with lot's of leaves giving it that nice full feeling)  all around the vase and then add filler (smaller flowers such as baby's breath). Then add larger flowers. Add height by adding flowers that have height or lower flowers hanging over the vase for some visual interest. Add fun things like wild raspberries and strawberries. It is really up to you when it is done,but the fuller the better. Be sure to keep flowers cool and with plenty of water. Enjoy.

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