Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Educational Corner: Make your own Sight own flash cards

I have decide to start a new part of my blog Education corner. Professional I am educator of young children. I worked in preschool for around five years and as nanny for three. I love coming up with interesting and educational toys and materials. Of course it is me so if I can DIY it I will. Today I am making easy and sight words flash cards. 
If you are not aware you will be that kindergarden is a lot hard then it use to be and kids are expect to know more then every. Sight words are part of the things kindergartners are expect to know.  You can find sight words many places online like this link. They are simple words that children need to know by sight. Flash cards can be very helpful if used correctly. You can watch my YouTube Video on it if you want more info. 

To make your own cards here is what you need:

  •   Glue /mod Podge                               
  •   Printed out sight words
  •   Scissors
  • Decorative  tape (optional)
  • Index cards
Put decorative tape on the index card if desired. Cut the sight words and glue to index cards. Let it dry and use. Easy and less then ten minutes for the you busy moms.

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