Thursday, May 31, 2012

This weeks Pinterest inspirations

As many of you know I am obsessed with Pinterest. I may have to go to twelve step program soon. As any addict I want to share my obsession with you. So come check me out on Pinterest and check out my inspirations this week. Click the picture to be taken to original website link.

I love the idea of box with all of things that were popular and relevant  during that time. You could also do it for your wedding or particular special birthday like sweet 16 or when you turn thirty.

If you love Disneyland you know autographs of the characters is a big deal. They sell the generic book at Disneyland ,but this is so much more personal and worthy of keeping for many years to come.

Is this card not adorable. 

Ok, these are amazing and the site has patterns so you to can make these fabric food. I think the great option instead of store bought plastic junk. 

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