Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I love : Disneyland edition

 I can't to go to wait go to Disneyland we always have so much fun. I will post about our adventure at Disneyland later. Here is list of some of my favorite things at Disneyland edition.

Favorite ride: This one is hard  in Disneyland it is between Haunted Mansion and Parties of Caribbean. I love rides that captured my heart as child and make me feel five again. Despite the Johnny Depth literally popping up in Parties of Caribbean I still love it. California Adventure rides Soaring over California and Toy Story mania. I am going to make statement here I know some people will not agree with me,but I think Toy Story Mania is one of the best rides in either park. I love that ride and apparently lots of people agree since the line is always horrible.

Favorite restaurant: Blue Buoy or Cafe Orleans .The ambiance in Blue Buoy is amazing and you should go at least once in your life. The food is same in Cafe Orleans and if you are not big on Monte Christo sandwich be sure to have the Pomne Fires . They are best fires you will ever eat. My Second choice may surprise you the corn dog truck on main street. It is cheap good and perfect amount of food for lunch and at $6.00 it is cheapest meal you will eat at Disneyland. My last choice is Big Thunder Mountain BBQ. It is not cheap ,but it is all you can eat and very delicious. The entertainment is hooky,but it's for children after all. It is worth the $24.99  if you take advantage of the all you can eat corn bread, rids and beans.


  1. You're making me want to go to disneyland, but my pass just expired! I might have to renew. :)

  2. ps both you and your hair look fantastic! :)

  3. You should. We need to go together some time!!!