Thursday, May 3, 2012

My craziest Disney fan experience

have had so many great Disneyland memories,but by far my most memorable is when we won the Star Tour contest. It was one of those experiences I will talk about for years because it was true fan moment.The whole thing was sort of out body experience.
 I decide to enter the contest on whim on the Disney blog. Not even three days later I was asked to respond with my basic information. Then it was confirmed I won!!  

We were to report at 5:00 A.M to Disneyland front gate and stand in line. Sort of crazy,but sometimes you just need to be that crazy Disney fan. We happily got hotel room the night before and barley slept. Got up in 4:00 had breakfast at Denny’s and got on the bus that took us to the entrance of Disneyland. A huge line had form and we checked in. We got to the back of the line and saw media vans all over and reporters chatted with people. 

Then our crazy experiences began. We meet what would become our friends for the day and bigger fans then us in front of us. They were great they were huge Star Wars and Disney fans giving us insight on both. When we entered the gate with our free hot chocolate a sight rarely seen by many the park was empty just a long line winding through the park. I snapped a photo of Cinderella's castle without a soul in front of it.  

When we made it to the entrance of the ride and the excitement grow.When we entered into the new Star Tours ride a film crew entered and took this video of us. The ride of course was great and kept the integrated of the old one with new and fun adventures. It was by far one of the craziest and exiting Disney adventure we have had and one of my favorites!

                          I am wearing purple  sweater and black shirt in the third row back.

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