Sunday, June 17, 2012

My crazy collection: Mom's board games

This weekend we went through my mom’s board game collection. She has decided she wants to sell all of them. We went through all of them and have been looking for prices all weekend.

It  has been long process. So here is sneak peak of some of the collection.  This game called Pitch Em beauty is horse shoe game you can play inside. The horse shoes are rubber. It is pretty awesome.

We have not decide how to sell them yet. There are some amazing games. Really unique and fun. This gem is Noah Ark with animals and all.

This game is so old circa 1903. I am amazing anything from that long ago that is made out of paper is still around!Apparently in 1903 walking around with egg on spoon was really cool!

I can't believe this is quiz game. This game uses real electricity to answer question and makes bell ring if answer is right. The cardboard cards topics vary from the bible to presidents of United States. How awesome is Knapp Electric Questioner? Pretty awesome.

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