Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I will be tutoring younger children for Kindergarten readiness

I am starting something new. I have been working with kids with many years and I have noticed  that parents have needed extra help  getting younger children ready for  Kindergarten. I am uniquely qualified to help out on this problem. I have worked with younger kids for over seven years and have B.A Liberal Studies. After helping the children I nanny I decide there is need out there.
   Children are expected to know even more than ever before and  at an earlier age . Many preschools are not offering comprehensive assessments to let you know if your child is ready for kindergarten. Here is an example of what is expected of your child in kindergarten and what they are assessed on:
  1. Write their Name
  2. Color within the lines
  3. Hold a pencil correctly and write the alphabet
  4. Fold paper and cut with scissors
  5. Identify colors
  6. Draw a circle 
  7. Match shapes and pictures
  8. Identify directions and positions of objects.
  9. Identify smaller and larger objects
  10. Recognize number 1-10 and count 1-10
    So here is what I offering all parents out there. I will not only help child be prepared for kindergarten ,but I can pin point what exactly they need to work on and let you know their strengths. I am offering piece of mind and fun learning experience. If you are interested drop me e-mail. For more information pricing and times available at

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