Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Handmade Tuesday: Crayon art as seen on Pinterest

I have seen picture of the melted crayon art all over Pinterest and thought I am final going to try it. I have to say it was harder then it looks. I have some helpful hints that will make your life easier. First of all  I used waxed paper underneath the projects so you don’t make a huge mess. Second put painter tapes around the edge so it doesn’t run off the edges. Lastly the crayons like to move around lot so it is hard to hold it upright completely.You may want to glue the crayons on the canvas. The hair dryer moves the crayons all over the places so be aware of it when start the project. I heated top to secure it first.Than let it dry.

What need:
Hair dryer or embosser
Waxed paper
Painters tape

Tape the edges of the canvas. Take off the paper around the crayons. Lay the canvas flat on the waxed paper and put crayons on canvas how you would like them and glue.  Turn on hair dryer/ embosser and melt until it runs. Slightly tilt the canvas up and let color continue to run. Stop when you are happy with results. Let it dry five minutes or so and peel of painters tape.  Enjoy.

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