Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handmade Tuesday: Discovery bottles

One of my all time favorite DIY kid’s project is Discovery bottle. The best part about discovery bottles are there are no rules other then it needs to fit in a bottle. That is it! I have seen discovery bottles with rocks,mud,money, colored bounce balls, oil, and puff balls. The best bottles incorporate two or more things such as oil, watercolors and marbles. You are only stopped by your imagination.

What you need:
Plastic bottle such as water bottle (not the eco friendly ones they are too weak) or soda bottle.
Super glue
Change ( pennies, nickels)

It is pretty simple add rice to bottle and put coins through out. I only put rice in half of the bottle. This is my trick and a lot of people will tell to use a glue gun for the top ,but I like super glue. Super glue is stronger for younger kids and doesn’t fall off. I think it last longer and I have not had one toddler get the lid off yet!!! 

Here are some more ideas for you from pinterest on what you can do with discovery bottles.

Tissue paper , pipe cleaners, sequins

Magnetic  coins

Words and puffy balls

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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