Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Got Hitched: Candice and Tyler's wedding adventure

 I was in my friend Candice’s wedding this weekend. It was once in lifetime experiences I can’t think of another person that would have their wedding one top of mountain that meant off- roading for six miles. Funny thing about blogging is people start suggesting blogs even when they know they may become the next blog. As we were walk up to Candice’s reception she looked at me and said, “ I see blog coming.” She was right and here it is.

I can’t even explain her wedding. It was adventure that started out with us learning there was fire on I-5 that we needed to drive to get to the wedding location. Our trip begin with getting stuck in traffic for two hours or so. The next morning after we were all decked out in wedding garb. We got in the truck and off we drove. 

The fallowing things happened in the next twelve hours.We wrapped our own flowers. We waited for over an hour to start the wedding( we were on time. Everyone else was not ready ). The car brook down and we had to jump starte it to get Candice to the alter.Two members of bridal party had to go bathroom in middle of woods (including the bride). Like I said an amazing adventure. Then we went to reception. I threatened to throw banquets if didn’t eat soon ( joking of course). I made toast and cried like a baby. We dancing ,ate and where very merry.

The best part was Candice and Tyler had a great time. There are not many people I would climb the top of mountain for,but Candice is one of them!!!

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