Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bridal Shower: Candice's garden party

As you all know I have been gearing up for my friend Candice’s bridal shower. This weekend was the weekend of her shower. My wonderful mother in- law came down to help out with the food and setting up. Without her I am not sure how it would have all gone since this was my first experience throwing a large party. I did all planning for my wedding of course,but you hire people for the food and entrainment so the day you just hope everyone shows up. This was different because I had to be the hostess with mosts and I think it went really well.

Candice is not your average bride that likes pink and pretty bridal decor so she decide to go with garden theme. We did simple,but elegant with live plants and mason jar cups. I feel it turned out wonderful. The food was delicious fruit salad, muffins, strata (it is like quiche) and potatoes. Of course games where involved an herb themed guessing game and bridal bingo. What a great day.

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