Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Destination wall: Part 2 scrapbook pages

As you all remember I was making a family destination wall. The first part can be seen here. The second part of this project involves making one page scrapbook pages. then putting them in one page scrapbook frames bought at Michael’s on sale of course.
What I used:

  • Photos 3-4
  • scrapbook paper
  • Ticket stubs , memorabilia ect.
  • Cute stickers
  • Photo conner
  • glue dots
One of my most helpful tips on scrapbooking is to look for craft /scrapbook store on vacation. While in Maui we found scrapbook store with the cutest scrapbook papers and cut outs. The best part is the woman that owns it is really nice and has her website making it so easy to reorder. In Catalina I found similar store and bought cut-outs there as well. It makes unique and useful thing to buy while traveling. 
    To finish the project I assembled the photos and fun stuff on the paper glued them down. Place it into frame and you are done. I will be posting the destination wall shortly stay tuned.

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