Monday, April 2, 2012

Catalina Island trip

Over this weekend I want to Catalina to meet up with my family. We took a ferry over there and spent whole weekend visiting little shops and chatting with my family. 
     It was great adventure we went on the tour Casino behind the scenes which at first I was a little amazed at the steep price of thirty -two dollars per person. However, the tour was truly amazing seeing behind the stage, the projector room and the green rooms. The tour guide was funny and informative. 

   I also went on ghost tour. Unfortunately, it started raining  making tour very wet and cold. The man that was doing tour had many great stories and we saw many different places on tour. If believe in ghost or not there were some very interesting stories and history. Overall the tour was good , but the men did say "you guys" one to many times. I do have to say after looking up some of the stories I was hard press to find some of names mentioned. I think our tour guide needs to check his facts a bit more.
   Oddly enough we got stuck on Catalina Island for extra day due to weather crazy wind and twenty foot waves. So we made the best of the third day and went on hike up to Wrigely memorial and saw the movie in the evening "Hunger Games" (really super creepy) in the amazing theater in the Casion. An incredible experiences  sitting in a theater surround by the incredible murals of John Gabriel Beckman built in 1929. Listening to pipe organ music before the movie. So awesome.

   It is great place to visit I have been there only once so I was looking forward to hanging out for couple of days and explore. My husband is not adventuresome so I enjoy pushing him out of his comfort zone. His  idea of great weekend is watching TV all day and doing same thing we did last weekend so it gave me opportunity to expose him to new places with new things. We enjoyed it a lot and Boy I needed a vacation.

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