Sunday, April 29, 2012

Julie and Ruben's Bridal Shower

So as you might know I am bridesmaid in two weddings this summer and part of the honer of being in friends wedding is throwing the Bridal shower. I recently blog about Candice’s shower seen here. This Saturday it was Julie’s (Jewels) and Ruben’s Shower. I was surprised how calm I was. It went very well and it was the first party in our Townhouse so it was extra exciting. 

The theme was Cooking / Recipe shower. I had made brownies and cupcakes. We bought cookies, cheeses and hummus platter. Julie’s mother brought several appetizers. Ruben’s mother brought fruit salad together we had tons of food. Everyone happily played my ridiculous bridal games including herb guessing game , ABC Vegetables and Bridal mad Libs.  It turned out great. Most importantly Ruben and Julie were very happy. I babysit afterwards and got done at 12:30 am not the best choice I have made in most recent years. However, I am going to Disneyland all Friday so it was worth it. Two showers done and I think I earned my bridesmaid patch now  ( I really need one of those I can put it with rest of my Girl Scout patches the jacket is a little small ,but it would be awesome)!!!!

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