Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I love: Ashely Judd speaks out about women image in media

So after reading article Ashely Judd article which can be read here I had to applaud her for telling off the media for once. As women I am sick and tried of being told I am too fat or skinny. I am so sick of my worth being based on my looks. Frankly, I think we all our. When I decide to lose weight it was due to my feelings of wanting to be healthier and one else. I did it for me and no any else. my husband insists I look exactly like the day I meet him and I do in spirt.  

Me a year ago

                                                         Me about a year ago  

          I happily agree with Ashely Judd that we all need to get little angry at the attack on her because it is not just attack on her personal ,but every women. We are viscously pitted against each other and instead of standing together we tear each other part. We have all had the "puffy face" moment when people start whispering about how we look and it is time to say no more. It is not acceptable anymore and let this be a start of discussion.   

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