Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Crazy Collection : My husband video games

When I meet my husband I know he loved video games,but I had no idea he collected them and their boxes. To my dismay he refused to even think about getting rid of any of them. However, happily use his video game obsession to allow me to feed my cloths obsession so it all works out.

Here is our interview:
Molly: Why did you start to collection video games? 
John: I always liked playing video games and I enjoy seeing the older games compared to the new games. It is amazing how much technology has changed over the years. I love playing the old games.
Molly: How many Video games do you have?
John: I have 356 all together.  Including PC , WII, Game Boy, and Playsation.
Molly: What is your favorite?
John: I like the Diablo series
Molly: What is rarest game you own?
John: HellFire an expansion of Diablio

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