Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our House : Part 1 living room and Entry

As most of you know I moved into a condo around Thanksgiving and I have not really showed some details of our new house. It is a long process figuring out where things go in a new space. We have unpacked all of our things,but I have not gotten everything where I want it yet. So here are some pictures of our living room and kitchen rooms . I will share other details in the coming weeks.

I put all of my favorite buttons in vase and that become focal point of our table. the place-mates were given to me by my mother in-law from IKea.

On our book case I made each shelf a different theme this shelf is Disneyland our favorite place we go for our Anniversary every year.

This is the first shelf in the bookcase and it is all of our wedding stuff including our wedding book, photos , our cake topper of us and a plate with invitation wording given by my Aunt Alix.

Entry Way always ends up with a lot of stuff so I put a lot of containers  to put things. The potted tree is from our wedding center pieces.

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