Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bran muffins that will make you smile

Bran muffins that will make you smile

So lets be honest no one likes healthy food. It taste well frankly like cardboard. That was why when I heard about this recipe I was not super excited to try making Bran muffins. I frankly avoid bran muffins at all cost because they taste gross. So when my mom swore they were best muffin she ever had I had to at least try it. That was about year ago and I eat two ever morning that is how great they are. Recently I lost about sixteen pounds and I am sure having bran muffin ever morning helped a lot. 

So I promise you these muffins are not only delicious,but so good for you and easy to add any fruit you want. I have feed these exact muffin to four children under age of four and each one of them asked for more.I choose to add bananas and chocolate chips. My favorite muffin I have ever made however was pumpkin the canned type at store and chocolate chips. So Yummy enjoy. 

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