Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving the Campy 1950's posters

   So recently we have been going through my dad’s collection of things we are selling them on Ebay. I am going to featured some of the items here on my blog. We started first with  selling paper goods before my dad got into collecting petroleum stuff he collected posters. My dad has some very campy posters from the 1950’s b movies. Most of them have a crazy plots, but the posters are just amazing. The first one we are selling is Called “Fright” and starting Nancy Malone and Eric Fleming. 
The plot is a woman believes herself to be the reincarnated spirit of an ancient prince's lover. Meanwhile, a murderer turns out to be the reincarnated spirit of the prince himself.
If want want to take a closer look you can go to my Ebay page. It will be on sale March 19.

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