Friday, March 16, 2012

What I love : NPR edition

What I love so much is NPR( National Public Radio). Ok so I think that officially makes me nerd. However, before you judge to much let me just say Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are big fans too. I am so lucky to have the Santa Monica KCRW for my station I get all “Martine Shoot” and a bunch of other locally programs that I love.

  I really fell in love with Ira Glass in College. He is the host of a Saturday show called “ This American Life” and if you have not heard of it do yourself a favor and click my link right now. He is brilliant and every week he brings you different topic and stories on that topic. Sometimes hilarious and others heartbreaking. Always thought provoking. My all time favorite story is episode  115: “First Day” I have never laughed so hard. The other thing that sold me on NPR was Nick Harcourt. He doesn’t work there anymore,but his show he hosted is still on the air “Morning becomes Eclectic”. He introduced me to so many amazing artist. Butterfly Brocher and Damien Rice most notably. 

I love learning things I didn’t know and let others in on the secret. It is great to pretend you are smartest person in the room on every topic. NPR is researched and brings both sides of the discussion. They never side with one person and always ask the hard questions. That is what I love about them. I have cried with as I  listened to 911unfolded on my radio and I have laughed with them. I am better person for listening to them and there are not many things that you can say that about it.

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