Thursday, March 1, 2012

My five favorite things

My five favorite things this week. I have stole this post idea from one of my top five things this of my favorite blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere. She is so amazing with cooking recipes done with elegances and beauty. I love her style and effortless class. 

I am also loving Japanese Washi tape that comes in every color and pattern.What is not to love. I am not loving how hard it is to find. I found it at Modcloth sold out and on Etsy.
The new preview for the Pixar new movie called “Brave”. I am so excited it looks really good .My husband can’t wait either he loves all thing Celtic and cartoons. So happy it has been too long Pixar.

I just saw this on the Nate Burkus show. Three different twist on s’more . So delicious!!

I am loving the show on OWN network called “ Oprah next Chapter” all about hidden cultures and interesting people. Of the likes of Tony Robbins , George Lucus and Sean Penn. It’s such a great show because she is never judgmentally and always asked the questions you wan to know. I love when she interviews people because she is such open person and never trying to make people mad she is trying to understand them.We all need to do that more!

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