Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Customer Service the difference between Modcloth and Hutelook

I have confession to make I love ordering stuff online because I love getting them in the mail. I love packages and unwrapping them seeing the beautiful packaging and enjoying the contents. However , the best thing about shopping online or in a store is costumer service. My husband is manger at Round table and can’t stand bad customer service. I too with background from working at hotel and preschool know how to sugar count almost anything. We are nice people,but don’t cross us with bad customer service or we will find your manger. John has even complained to Strakbucks  and yes , they did call him back. They gave him two gift cards too!!
So I was shocked when Hutelook a great website that sales brand names items at deep discount totally lost my Valentines gift. John called their customer service and was horrified at the man on other line. Not only was he completely without personality ,but he seemed to careless about the whole thing. Did they offer use anything no . Did they investigate yes ,but never called back.John called them!!! They gave us Our money back that is IT. No apology. I even filled out survey saying they sucked. Nothing. Wow you guys could careless. So please think twice before order from these people.

So after that depressing story something to uplift you. I order my skirt from Modcloth and my package came today. I was tickled pink by their cute box. I sat staring at it for couple minutes before I opened it. I have never been so impressed by box before. Then I opened it I was so excited  by the box the message inside so cute. There was my skirt fit perfectly exactly what I ordered and a surprise gift. These people know how to impress even the most cynical customer. You made my day Modcloth. Thank God for the Modcloth’s of world or maybe I would never order anything online!!

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