Friday, March 23, 2012

What I love : Tea

      Some days I just feel so tried these days. Having successful blog, working as nanny and starting up scrapbook business is exhausting. However, when I need a spare moment to relax I sit down and have some tea. No I am not British ,but couple years ago I started drinking green tea. The health benefits are astounding and when trying to diet it has been proven to help you lose weight. I didn’t realize at that time I was becoming obsessed and yes obsessed is the right word. When you ask for tea for Christmas you now you have a problem. It is fair to say all tea is not created equal.


 My husband even calls tea glorified water. However, that was before we found Teavana the most dangerous place for tea lovers to go. It will change your mind about tea. The Mate Golden Monkey will even make coffee drinks sit up and  take notice. I have not had tea there that was not worth trying. My favorite is Raspberry Riot. Although, it is not cheap by any means it is so delicious you wont mind the splurge. If you go to a Teavana always ask the sales people their favorite tea.

   I know we don’t all have fifty dollars to spend on tea so I also have some teas found in Target and groceries store aisles. My favorite is Tazo the taste is always strong and more then one note. I like the Zen Green tea and chia. Another brand that is good ,but a little more expensive is Numi organic tea I prefer Rooibos. So do what I do when you need a moment and enjoy a cup of tea. I like my tea with a little honey and that is it. Simple is always the best.


  1. Oh, nelly... my favorite green tea is from the asian market near my house. I forget the brand, but it's a brown rice green tea. It's so good cold, hot, however. Yum! I'll definitely have to go into teavana sometime. I usually just admire the teapots in the window displays. We should totally dress up and go to a tea room sometime!

  2. Diana,
    I would love to do that. i always wanted to go to tea room.