Sunday, March 4, 2012

Donuts, Donuts read all about it

This weekend another project for the bridal shower. I am trying out different donuts recipes this one is first.  Find the recipe here.We are making heart shaped donuts for desert.  The taste is the most important to me. The first recipe is the Wilton recipe and is really start forward. I am going to try a second recipe one if we don’t like Wilton.They were delicious and easy to make.

To be honest I was talking on phone as I made them and they turned out wonderful. The only thing I would caution is to defiantly sifting the ingredients because it does get chunky and does not mix well if you don’t do that. I told John if I was aware of how easy it was to make donuts I would have done it long time ago. Good thing I didn’t know or I would weight 800 pounds. Enjoy!

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