Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired: Pretzel Buttons

     One of my problems about Pinterest is after you pin some of items I am hesitant to try it especially recipes. I am not sure why, but it just had not tried making any food until my boss told me she tried several recipes that were amazing. So I decide to try something easy first pretzel buttons. 
 I want to go back and tell you the original sources for theses little beauties the blog G*rated. You can see the original blog right here and there and some other great recipes take a look.
 Let me tell you these pretzel buttons are so good John and I couldn’t stop eating them. it was really bad !! it was such a cinch and really you don’t need culinary bone in your body. once you melt the chocolate on the top of pretzel ( about five minutes in the oven at 200). You press the M&M’s in on the top and throw it in fridge for five minutes. So easy and so good. Enjoy and just try not to eat it all in one sitting.

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