Sunday, March 4, 2012

My first scrapbook project

    I am starting my first project for Open Box paper goods. An old friend from high school is letting me use her as guinea pig. She was wonderful giving me virtually free creative control. It was great seeing her because it has been about four or five years. In that time her daughter I had in my preschool class at two has grown into a second grader. She is married with a baby and it is wonderful to see her in life I know she always imagined for herself.

       The amazing thing to me is how she is letting me into her life after so many years to take her most personal memories into a beautiful scrapbook.  I am so honored to be the person that will take her memories and make into something new. My favorite book is the “Giver" and the irony for me is I feel like the little boy in book taking the gifts of memories and amortizing them so no one ever forgets them. It is unexpected reward to feel so grateful that people would let me in such a personal part of their lives. I hope for many more amazing experiences. I will continue to post more page as I finish them.

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