Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest inspired : Real Simple Chicken and Garlic - lemon with green beans

My Pinterest inspired recipe today I am not going to take credit for. My husband did all the hard work cutting and putting it all together. With full disclosure I did eat it and helped out (ok mostly I took pictures,but I could have helped). I am one lucky girl because my husband loves to cook and I love to eat so it works out great. 

      It is recipe from Real simple found here. I have never tried a recipe from Real Simple before. It turned out amazing. I love one pot wonders because when it is done every part of meal is done. The taste of chicken was delicious and light. The potatoes were perfectly cooked with fabulous lemon flavor. John was even impressed and happy how easy it was. Sometimes my choice of recipes are long involved and not very good. Not this time it was winner and best part was done in a fifty minutes. Dinner was deliciously and perfectly cooked. 

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